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📚🎦FetSwing Diaries Season II Episode 6 ✨ Married couple Heather C Payne and Gary J Jones learn to live life in what has become a new normal. When we started this network of lifestyle niche web sites, the world was a much different place. Social distancing and our kink, fetish, and swing lifestyle don't mix. To sexually interact, socialize, or play with others with a mask, 6 feet, and no contact more like surgery than pleasure. So we have adapted, been very careful and still caught COVID shortly after we filmed this scene. So, if you are highrisk, be very careful. And, if you do become infected, you can survive! After four tough weeks, we are once again. Healthy, horny, and excited to release our new reality series, "Love Shack." August 20, 2020, Live 9:00 pm, followed by the world premiere!

31 Minutes Pics



Gary J Jones

Milf.Pawg.Fetish, Behind The Scenes, Bi Sexual, Big ass, Blondes, Brunettes, Cum In Mouth, 💃MILF, 📚 FetSwing Diaries Reality Series, Home Movies, Hot, P-S-Film, POV, Teen

Gary J Jones - Heather C Payne - Lexi M Tanner

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